A cup of tea is a good place to start

So I’ve finally succumbed to the world of blogging and have been mulling over what to call this thing. I initially wanted to start a blog which loosely covered the subject of how social media can be a powerful tool for social change (a genuine and growing interest of mine) but then my dear friends, who know me too well, made the fair point that having such a purely worthy blog wouldn’t be a true reflection of the real ‘LT’.

That got me to tea. My train of thought went as follows: since tea is the perfect accompaniment to just about any and very situation life throws at you (obviously), a blog with ‘tea’ in the title could also cover just about any and every situation and/or topic. This way I wouldn’t have to feel guilty when my blog inevitably strayed from its well-meaning socially conscious and social media focused roots, into um, fashion, and cocktails, and brunch, and nice places to have afternoon tea, and why it is still so freezing in New York when it is meant to be Springtime. Oops. Off topic already.

So that’s the intro over with.Not sure it made much sense. Forgive me, I’m new. I should probably go and have a cup of tea and think about my next post.

Afternoon Tea, February 09, NYC

Afternoon Tea, February 09, NYC


(get it?)


One response to “A cup of tea is a good place to start

  1. Love the blog name Miss Tan… will be an avid follower… don’t tell DV!

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