Wanderlust and itchy feet

I’ve been feeling a bit restless in NYC this week and my mind has been turning towards the next traveling adventure. My feet are now positively itchy after a friend showed me this wonderful interactive map, created by Good Magazine. I’ve been a fan of the Good Posters for a while but this map is the best thing I’ve seen yet.

The Good Map of the World

The Good Map of the World

It maps out history’s greatest adventures, transporting you through journeys as diverse as the Silk Route, Around the World in 80 days and Livingstone’s travels in Africa. Pure Wanderlust.  It would be a great idea for travel companies (and beyond) to link themselves to a map like this and associate themselves with the experiences and spirit of adventure it embodies. As I clicked on the Silk Route, I found myself wondering how I could go about planning a modern day adventure on this old route. I would have been an easy customer if a travel company had provided a click through from the map to their website where they outlined my perfect route.

One brand that created an incredibly desirable travel guide is Louis Vuitton. Their so-called ‘Sound Walks‘ are seductive, downloadable audio guides of some of Asia’s premier cities.

The Louis Vuitton Soundwalk

The Louis Vuitton Soundwalk

The sultry voice-overs from famous Asian actresses such as Gong Li and Joan Chen guide you through Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai via hidden alley ways, secret gardens and local restaurants. Completely mesmerizing. I wish I’d had one of these whilst in China last year and then I could have wondered through Shanghai, imagining I was the star of a glamorous Wong Kar Wai film.

Wong Kar Wai's film In The Mood For Love

Wong Kar Wai's film In The Mood For Love


One response to “Wanderlust and itchy feet

  1. Thanks Laura -an interesting read – while waiting for the city that never sleeps to waken up on a saturday morning.

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