Women’s Aid

Post Rihanna and Chris, domestic violence has become a topic of somewhat macabre interest in the celebrity gossip magazines. Fortunately, this time out of choice and in an entirely fictional setting, another beautiful, young celebrity has put this issue further into the spotlight.

Watching Keira Knightley being beaten to the ground in ‘Cut’, a short film created for the charity Women’s Aid, had a similar effect on me as those shocking pictures of Rihanna’s battered face. You just don’t expect to see a beautiful, stunning celebrity as a victim…and I guess this is the eternal problem with domestic violence. Often, no one other than the victim and her abuser know what happens behind closed doors, or in the case of celebrities, behind red-carpet-ready smiles and glamorous parties.

I’ve never been a big Keira fan – I can’t get over the irritating omnipresent pout – but I really  admire her for taking the time to do this powerful fim. It’s not the easiest of issues to be ‘the face’ of and it is an issue that is not commonly taken up by celebrities. It’s not quite in the same league as cuddling a cute rescue dog.

p.s. love Keira’s hair in this. Envy.


One response to “Women’s Aid

  1. Big up Grey. Is this a charity ad blog?

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