The Night Train, Chanel style

I know it’s not new news but I can’t not post something about the new Chanel No.5 ad. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Makes night time train traveling look a whole lot more romantic than it really is. Just enough like Amelie to be cute and quirky but just enough not like Amelie to be ownable by the ever-sophisticated and chic Chanel. J’adore.

Don’t need to say more. Watch for yourself.


One response to “The Night Train, Chanel style

  1. Dislike. OK, Audrey is outrageously beautiful and looking more like it than ever here *swoons*. But, honestly, I think she is wasted in this, the guy looks all wrong, the whole tone and sequence just seems heavy-handed and there is far more physicality in the relationship than the elegance of no. 5 suggests. In spite of wanting to keep looking at Audrey forever, I struggled to watch to the end.

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