A spot of curating

Twitter is making me lazy. I’ve got into the habit of simply tweeting the link to things I come across, without taking the time to curate the most inspirational bits and pieces and to write an actual blog post.

In attempt to stop being so slovenly, here’s a somewhat eclectic collection of the things that have made the cut so far this week.

1. The new Coldplay Strawberry Swing video. Directed by Shynola, this fantastic video sees Chris Martin play an animated superhero in a larger-than-life world drawn entirely in chalk. Watch out for the the evil squirrel…

(the video has now been taken down from You Tube…sorry. When I can get my hands on it I’ll re-post).

2. On the subject of  animation and small, furry animals, I have a soft spot for this new Stella McCartney ad. No real reason other than it’s cute and I like to see Stella have a bit of fun. Much as I admire the muted tones of her clothes and earnest eco-warrior ways, it gets a bit heavy at times. And everyone loves Bambi.


Check out this real-life Bambi spotted in my parents’ garden recently.   There is something very soothing and dreamy about this image. Aaaawe.

deer at forge cottage

3. Talking of dreamy, happy to see some of my favourite wistful, other-worldy girls nominated for the Mercury prize. I’m a big fan of both Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes and Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine for their stand-out style and original music. I’m less familiar with Elly Jackson of La Roux (centre of the image below) but her theatrical way of dressing and performing puts her in the same league as Natasha and Florence –  note to self to find out more.

Music girls

4. Onto more serious matters, an ingenious way of showing Obama”s approval ratings…The results aren’t exactly surprising but GOOD has yet again come up with an original and striking way to show statistics that you might otherwise gloss over. You can see the full poster here.

stamp of approval


2 responses to “A spot of curating

  1. I was late for school as I didn’t want to disturb the deer -even though it was eating my young willow tree!

  2. So – we in the UK have more confidence in Obama than any other nation, including the USA.

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