Milk, juice, bread, chicken coop

Your grocery shopping list may be set to change forever if Tesco gets its way (and when has it not?) with a plan to offer customers allotment spaces and live chickens in-store.  Tesco is taking the trend for self-sufficiency and green-living to a whole new level with this one.

It has been widely reported that Brits are buying more seeds in an attempt to grow their vegetables.  Smug dinner party hosts across the country now take a gleeful delight in informing their guests that the dishes are not only home-made but home-grown.  This kind of comment may soon become the foodie equivalent of those irritating fashionistas who claim all their clothes are “vintage one-offs” and therefore completely unattainable.

Anyway, back to Tesco. According to Adage, Tesco has applied for planning permission to create an initial batch of 30 allotments in the north of England, presumably to sell off to green-fingered customers. In addition, for just a tenner, you will soon be able to buy a chick  (from Dobbies, a Tesco-owned chain of garden centres).  If you want to provide your little chick with a nice home, you’re looking at a hefty two-hundred pound investment for a chicken coop. And speaking of things ending in oop, then we have the poop issue…

Given the fact that I’ve been near-traumatized by the daily scooping of the cat litter during my current cat-sitting stint, I think I should avoid all other poop-related activities. Instead, I’ll focus on some less extreme green things I can do without morphing into a self-sufficient farm hand.

Good job that “Green Thing” has just launched. It’s a nicely designed little site suggesting “seven things you can do to lead a greener life”.  The founders explain the site as:

“a public service that inspires people to lead a greener life. We use emails and a website and other online bits and pieces to share brilliant videos and inspiring stories from creative people and community members around the world. Green Thing is about creativity versus climate change, which means we use great creativity to make sustainable living smart, sexy, fashionable and fun and something worthwhile on its own terms to inspire people to behave differently.”

Spend some time exploring it for yourself but my favorite suggested activity is the “human heat” one.  Huddle everyone!


“One way we can stop our planet from overheating is by underheating our homes. Heating uses more energy and creates more CO2 than anything else we do indoors so if you’re cold, leave the radiators off and wrap up in a jumper – or better still, with another person”

It’s a bit hot to huddle in NYC right now but this week, I’m focusing on the “walk the walk” front.  One benefit of this cat-sitting gig is that I can now walk to work.



2 responses to “Milk, juice, bread, chicken coop

  1. Oh dear I am one of those offering friends my home grown organic veg – we can’t eat the rocket quickly enough!!

  2. Try this to add to green ideas You can lock you eco friendly bike and grow herbs.

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