In appreciation of Tea*

* (capital T deliberate and deserved)

I’ve been neglecting the namesake of this blog recently by failing to mention anything tea related. Frankly, it is rude of me to ignore the thing that is responsible for such a large portion of my daily happiness:  reviving me from slumber every morning, giving me a post-lunchtime pick-me-up at the desk, and accompanying countless important gossip sessions with my equally tea-loving roommate.

I need to put an end to this neglect.  I also need to get back into tea appreciation mode in preparation for my return to England in two weeks (gulp).

I felt especially disloyal to tea when my caffeine-sensitive, non-tea drinking friend Dylan came across a new tea product before I did! But I am grateful he did as I let out a little squeal of delight when he passed these Mallard Tea products on to me.  I need to find an excuse to buy someone a tea gift,  just so I can get my hands on one of the gift bags.


mallard_4My mother maintains that it is not civilized to drink tea out of anything other than a proper china cup (even insisting on taking one on picnics) but I think even she might be prepared to sip from these takeaway tea cups.

mallard_1The gorgeous packaging was designed by Sarah Walsh and Mallard tea is specialist team company which sells loose tea through its shop and tearoom in Knutsford, England. Don’t worry, I had to look up where that is too – apparently it is in a little village in Cheshire.

It is not just me that has been neglecting tea of late. According to the brilliant entry from Mother for the APG Creative Strategy Awards (which you must read by the way) the whole of the Britain has been taking tea for granted of late. Mother  submitted an entry detailing how they helped to revive the iconic PG Tips tea brand. As they say “tea had lost its presence because it had been crowded out of culture by all the mocha-skinny-latte-on-the-go-fruit-smoothie-with-a-twist-lemon-mineral-water nonsense. Lots of exciting new drinks, pushing tea to the back of the cupboard at home.”

Having lived in the US for the past year, I have had my fill of all these complicated, modern drinks and I can say none of them beat a good old-fashioned cup of tea.  Hopefully, people will begin to realize that the other more “exciting” drinks are largely unhealthy gunk and  lovely, natural, healthy tea will regain its place in the spotlight.


4 responses to “In appreciation of Tea*

  1. Hurrah for tea!

  2. I agree with ZT
    Hurrah for tea!

  3. What would you do without me? : )

  4. Tea can heal !!! tea is great for headaches or if we are sick, tea to wake us up, tea to put us to sleep, tea to help the shock, tea to warm us up and cool us down in the heat. Who would believe the green left can heal! Think i will just have to brew some up.

    Mate you are so right!!!!

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