Elle Tea’s Tent London top 5

I’ve recently starting working in Spitalfields, one of my favourite areas of London.  Unlike the days of working over in the sterile Canary Wharf, I find myself returning to my new work-base even at the weekend, idly pottering the vintage shops, stopping at eclectic eateries and people-watching the vintage clad hipsters.  Last weekend was a more productive potter than most as I came across Tent London  – one of the London Design Week events at the Truman Brewery.

Here are Elle Tea’s top 5 picks from the exhibition:

1. Digital Tea Party –

Combining my love of tea with digital technology? It couldn’t be better! The digital tea party is part of an exploration into how immersive media could be used in the house of the future. It takes the joy of sharing a cup of tea with friends and seeks to enhance it with technology. The tracking technology senses the character of inanimate objects (such as tea cups) and uses what it senses to alter the local environment.  For example, if you’re having a tea party with lots of vibrantly coloured cups, the tracking technology can sense this and match the colour of the room lighting to the cups.  Pretty yes, but I’m not sure if digital technology can improve the already blissful experience of drinking tea with friends.

Children interacting with the Digital Tea Party - the red glow matches the colour of their tea cups

Children interacting with the Digital Tea Party - the red glow matches the colour of their tea cups

2. Birdcage Sans Poop-

Ok so this isn’t the real name of this second digital design piece but it’s what came to mind when I first saw it. This digital pet bird is the answer for people who want none of the mess or noise of a real-life bird.  Quirky? Definitely. Pointless? Perhaps.

The digi-geeks' answer for a pet

The digi-geeks' answer for a pet

3. Keep Cup –

“Hot coffee, cool planet” is the slogan for these environmentally friendly alternatives to the paper coffee cup.  The Keep Cup stall was doing a roaring trade when I passed by and it’s easy to see why. The stylish design resembles the ubiquitous Starbucks-esque coffee cup but unlike throwaway versions the Keep Cup is made from recycled plastic and is guaranteed to last for four years.  The Keep Cup is described as “the first Barista standard reusable cup”, the idea being you can take it to your favourite coffee shop and ask them to fill it up as they would any of their paper cups It even has a band which allows you to mark your coffee preferences on your own cup, being this “cappucino”, “soy milk”, “latte” etc. How did no one think of this before?

Keep Cup

Keep Cup

4. Wattson

For eco-worriers who want to know how much electricity they are consuming in their home, enter Wattson. A stylish little device that measures how electricity usage and make energy saving easier.



5. Just a really cool sofa

No commentary necessary.


Bye for now. I’m off to confession….



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