YSL has proven me wrong

Typically, after I write a post lamenting the dearth of interesting digital work coming from luxury brands, YSL comes along with a whole package of digital stuff and annoyingly, it’s rather good. Their ‘manifesto’ site features behind-the-scenes footage of the beautiful Christy Turlington perfecting her poses for the latest trailer, a blog-esque news section and even social media pieces including the YSL Twitter feed (I checked and it is updated nearly every day) and a YSL Facebook page (over 200,000 fans already).


YSL Manifesto

The site also provides a whole suite of tools that allow you to include the content on your blog, although for some reason I couldn’t get that part to work on my blog. This is probably entirely to do with my lack of technical skills but still, if you’re going to offer people the ability to add stuff to their blogs, it would be nice if it happened easily, even for those of us who are technically challenged. Despite this, I’m impressed.


YSL's social media tools


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