Winter warmers

Winter is upon us. As the temperatures drop, the hats and gloves are on and I’ve become a magpie for anything tweed, tartan or knitted. To satisfy this latest craving, I decided to pay a visit to the delightful Aubin & Wills, a label where everything is beautifully made and on just the right side of quirky.


Aubin & Wills tweed jacket

With all the pretty knits, tweed blazers and cashmere blankets, A&W could be in danger of being a bit too wholesome to be interesting. Right now, it  just about avoids this with a few clever tricks. Firstly, by showcasing their clothes through atmospheric, sexy short films, including one featuring the gorgeous Brit model of the moment Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Secondly, by spreading their activities beyond just clothes and hosting in-store photography, music and literature events, in so doing adopting the role of that multi-talented, well-connected friend we all secretly wish we could be. Lastly, A&W’s bold, graphic design and a confident company statement of ‘Second to None’ save it from being insipid. Just goes to show what some good branding can do…I’m won over.


Aubin&Wills homepage

Speaking of things knitted, this was the rather odd sight I came acrosss when I popped into Sainsburys for some groceries.


Innocent knitted veg pots

It turns out to be the latest iteration of Innocent’s Big Knit campaign, which started back in 2003 with enlisting Britain’s grannies to knit bottle tops for smoothie bottles. For every bottle sold with a hat, Innocent donated money to Age Concern. So far, over £600,000 has been raised and now the knitted accessories can be found on Innocent’s new ‘tasty veg pots’.  They look like little stripey scarfs, brightening up the otherwise monotonous supermarket shelves and best of all, as you gulp down your warming veg pot, you know you’re also helping to warm the homes of the grannies who decorated your plastic pot. It’s a kind of once-removed neighbourly gesture, brought to you by Innocent.


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