Lonely Gloves Club

I wrote about the fantastic ‘Do the Green Thing‘ site a while back and they continue to put a fun, creative spin on being eco-aware. Their latest idea –  ‘glove love shop’ – is completely endearing and wonderful. It is based on the well-known fact that like socks, it is awfully hard to maintain an actual PAIR of gloves. Speaking of socks, can anyone explain how, despite putting a pair of socks into the washing machine, only one sock ever makes it out the other end of the washing cycle? Where are all the other socks going??

Anyway, back to gloves. Every winter, I root through my drawers, unsuccessfully looking for a pair of matching gloves. It’s very similar to my sock dillema. Despite storing my pairs of gloves in one place, one glove always happens to make an escape for freedom – I’m not sure when this happens since I usually only start looking for gloves when in desperate need and most likely running late for An.Important.Event. As a result, I have at times resorted to wearing one glove and alternating it between my frozen hands so they each get an even stint of warmth. This switching technique proves a bit tricky when riding a bike but it has been done on occasion by yours truly, particularly when the possibility of a hand freezing up has distinct implications for one’s braking ability.

Thanks to the ‘glove love shop’, it looks like I no longer have to engage in such risky behaviour. This genuis idea allows you to send in your lonely, single gloves where they then get washed and paired with other single gloves. The Green Thing team even go so far as to name the new happy couples (Fiver Finger Fiona, Red Fred and so on) and attach hand-sewn labels explaining how the glovers (sorry) first met i.e. where they were sent in from. All this happiness is created for just £5 and the money from the proceeds goes to the Green Thing Trust.

The Glove Love Shop

The whole initiative is part of the Green Things ‘all-consuming’ strategy – trying not to waste anything and using up everything. Elle Tea likes this a lot!


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