An invite from Chanel

As I said in a previous post , I’ve been keeping a close eye on the area of luxury brands and their relationship with new media. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m looking for it, but since writing that post it feels like the bigger luxury brands are really picking up their digital activity. Example: this classy invite which popped into my inbox today…

An invite to join Chanel on Facebook

As a Chanel fan I was excited to see what the promised ‘exclusive content’ would be for those who joined their Facebook group and judging by the 2,100 ‘thumbs up’ for the last wall post, the existing fans are pretty happy. However, the page just didn’t live up to expectations for me – it feels a bit lazy and more like an automated PR feed than a genuine opening up to fans.

Contrary to what the e-mail invitation implies, the content does not feel exclusive – case in point is that the posted videos are Chanel ads I’ve seen many times before – and a disproportionate number of the wall posts are simply promoting the new Chanel Shanghai store (which, by the way, is undoubtedly impressive and glamorous, but not so relevant to their non-China based fans).

On that note, I was curious to see what all the fuss was about surrounding the new Shanghai store so I clicked through to the Chanel Paris Shanghai website and wow, they really are going to town on making this store a success! This site has more content than I’ve seen for the main global sites of other brands and even features an exclusive Lagerfield directed short film about Coco Chanel’s love of China (although she never actually visited it).  See what you make of the film – I found it somewhat bizarre – but the site is impressive overall and I’m sure the Shanghai elite will go crazy for the exclusive Shanghai products. Coco may not have made it to Shanghai but Karl Lagerfield knows it’s the place to be.

Chanel Paris Shanghai site


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