Beautiful Eco Chic

Regular readers will not by surprised at my delight in seeing such an array of talented designers showing their creations at the EcoChic fashion show in Geneva this week. There’s nothing Elle Tea likes more than witnessing the ever-increasing quality and profile of ethical design. The fact that the EcoChic fashion show formed part of a UN conference on “Redefining Sustainability in the International Agenda” shows just how seriously ethical fashion is starting to be taken.

Thankfully, it is now widely recognised that the use of sustainably sourced, natural fibres not only help to maintain biodiversity but can also be stylish and not just in a boho Sienna Miller in-the-early-days kind of a way. As Thakoon, the talented designer who is a favourite of the discerning First Lady Michelle Obama no less, said of his contribution to EcoChic “My primary goal was to create a dress that is beautiful first, and is even more beautiful because it is EcoChic.”

Some of the best designs included Diane von Furstenberg’s draped evening gown made of soy jersey and John Rocha’s ruffled bamboo skirt, as well as some great pieces from established eco brands such as EDUN and Noir.

Diane Von Furstenburg

Diane Von Furstenburg's ecochic evening gown


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