It’s day three of no heating in my office and given that my lips did actually take on a blue-ish hue today, I think I’m officially allowed to complain. I know that people on the East coast of the US are 6 feet deep in snow and so I shouldn’t make a fuss, but what can I say, us Brits love to moan about the weather.

I feel a fool for the naive optimism in a few of my recent posts about slipping into Spring-like clothes. Instead, I’m trying to work out how to wear a hat all day without the inevitable problem of hat hair. grr! and brr! for that matter.

Still, these girls manage to pull off the cold weather look with a certain panache. Elle Tea needs to take heed.

fur stole

Fur stole plus military coat = winning combination (image from Garance Dore)

Taking fur to another level. p.s. love the gloves

Even more fur and another side plait.. trend?


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