Rural Living

I’m up in the Lake District this week and it is snowing. Yes, really. It is nearly Easter and outside everything is covered in white powdery stuff! Anyway, I shouldn’t complain as it is very pretty and a little snow is not going to stop me venturing out with my walking boots.

Snowy Lake District

Given my rural location, there isn’t much to report on the fashion front but there are plenty of other aesthetic delights; not least the stunning scenery and pleasures of the gastronomic kind. I’m not usually one to photograph my meals but I have to share a picture of the Ploughman’s lunch I gobbled down after a long walk yesterday.  It came wrapped up in a gorgeous gingham tea towel and inside was a feast of local produce including delicious goats cheese, Yum!

Ploughman's Lunch at The Drunken Duck

Little did the friendly owners of the Drunken Duck pub – where I ate said lunch – know that their gingham accessorizing was totally on trend. See Christopher Kane’s take on gingham below.

Christopher Kane gingham

Christopher Kane gingham

Uhoh, I just realized that my ability to connect every experience to fashion is reaching new heights!

On the tea front, this snowy weather is the perfect excuse to get cosy over a pot of tea and a good English scone, that is if I’m prepared to walk the 6km or so to the nearest civilization. I’ll report back if anything catches the eye of Elle Tea.


2 responses to “Rural Living

  1. Yum. Rich and I had a really good meal at the Drunken Duck last summer, such a nice place. I miss British pubs! x

  2. Hey Annie! That’s such a coincidence! Hope you are well xxx

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