Fair fashion

I recently braved the hoards of haribo-fuelled teenage girls ravaging their way through the Topshop jewellery section, and surprised myself by coming across a real gem of a jewellery collection.

It was the bold, unique jewellery from the MADE collection that first caught my eye but upon further reading of the label, I found out that MADE is 100% fairtrade, with a mission that is “about prompting trade not aid in Africa.”

It is refreshing to find a fairtrade jewellery label that isn’t selling the kind of wares which resemble those ubiquitous beaded bracelets so loved by over-privileged kids on their “gap yah”. MADE’s stuff is genuinely stylish and they have jewellery superstars like Pippa Small (admired by the likes of Vogue) on hand to add some serious design credibility.

I particularly like this paperchain gold necklace.

MADE Fairtrade jewellery


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