Hugo Boss Boat Launch

A couple of weeks ago, I received a mysterious looking silver box in the post. Upon opening it, I found the most exquisite invitation, complete with a compass, presumably to help me navigate my way to the party. Turns out the package was an invitation to the Hugo Boss boat launch party and Elle Tea’s first boat ‘christening’.

Hugo Boss party invitation

I guessed that, judging by the invitation, this was going to be quite a celebration. And it was. Down to every last detail. There were pretty nautical bracelets presented to everyone on arrival, cute waiters and waitresses in adorable sailor outfits (very on trend), and a suitably dramatic arrival of the boat itself, shimmering in the water with the Canary Wharf skyline as a backdrop.

Hello Sailor!

Of course, as is required these days, there was a celebrity presence. I was quite excited to see the beautiful Diane Kruger ‘christen’ the boat in a very stylish little jumpsuit. She always looks impeccable.

Diane Kruger at Hugo Boss boat launch (from Vogue)

Oh, and erm, I guess you want to see the boat itself…well my camera packed in at the key moment but here’s a grainy little image. Doesn’t do the boat justice I’m afraid. You’ll have to follow its journey yourself here.

Hugo Boss boat christening


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