Yurt Living

I’ve just come back from a blissful few days completely cut off from the world, staying in a yurt in Provence. I was a little anxious as to what to expect from this holiday, particularly as the friends I had convinced to come with me included one high-flying corporate lawyer. Let’s just say she has slightly less boho tendencies than myself and so I had to keep a few of the more extreme details – vegetarian food, no electricity, shared bathrooms – from her until our arrival.

The yurts at Canvas Chic

Needless to say we all had a wonderful time and although it was camping, it was definitely on the more ‘glamping’ end of the spectrum with proper beds, hippy-chic interiors and lovely little decking areas with hammocks, for each yurt. We were the only guests at the site that week too so it was delightfully peaceful. So peaceful in fact that at night, when the woodland was pitch black and there were no sounds at all, we were all a little scared. Being city dwellers, actual darkness and quiet is something we just aren’t used to.

The site is located in the beautiful Ardeche region in Provence, dominated by the dramatic limestone gorge cut by the Ardeche river over the years. In 20 minutes, we could be down by the river’s edge paddling and sunning ourselves, surrounded by stunning scenery.

The Gorge de Ardeche

It was so relaxing on site we only left once, on the hunt for some meat. Much as we’d enjoyed the vegetarian food, by day 3 a few of us (who shall remain nameless) were craving something a little more substantial. Thankfully, in France, a perfectly cooked steak, some red wine and a pretty Provence village setting is never too far away.


One response to “Yurt Living

  1. Glamping au lieu de camping- I wonder could the strawberries be convinced?

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