2010 Festival chic

I was at Latitude festival last week, a perfect destination to spot the latest trends in festival chic. Lithe, carefree teenagers were everywhere, prancing around in the teeniest of jumpsuits and denim shorts and sporting neon face paint.  Even the teenage boys were sporting sequined harem pants and the ubiquitous neon war paint. As a result, it was sometimes difficult to distinguish one hyperactive youth from another.

I like to think those of us in our late twenties are a little more individual in our interpretation of festival chic, although the Hunter welly seems to be one item that transcends age and is here to stay as a festival staple. Staying presentable in a field with no shade and no showers is no mean feat. The teens are onto something in terms of disguising their non-washed faces with decorative paint. My friends and I are of an age where we can’t get away with that one, but armed with cans full of dry shampoo, baby wipes and various head-covering attire, I think we did an ok job.

Perhaps I’m a little biased, but my friends are a very stylish lot and each one managed to maintain their personal look despite the unfavourable conditions. Check out my friend Jemima in her retro outfit, complete with a gorgeous headscarf that was her grandma’s in the 50s. Oh, and that’s me sporting my favourite festival headband.

Jemima & Elle Tea at Latitude 2010

Headbands were a bit of a theme at Latitude this year. The person selling the flowery ones must have taken home a fortune judging by the number of females  – spanning ages 2 to 40 – who were sporting them. Leading the way with the headband brigade was headgirl Florence, taking the trend a whole other level with her ethereal white headdress. Suitably dramatic head attire for such an amazing performer.

Florence & the Machine at Latitude

Other style favourites included Corrine Bailey Rae in a gorgeous blue jumpsuit and Charlotte Gainsbourg doing her French understated chic thing.


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