Afternoon Tea at The Wolseley

Regular readers will know that I find it very hard to decline an invitation to afternoon tea, even when I really should be doing something far less frivilous. And so it happened that when the opportunity arose to join some friends for tea at The Wolseley last Sunday, I was unable to resist, even though I was knee-deep in packing all my belongings and moving house.

I justified the indulgence by the fact that I really can’t claim to be a true tea lover/blogger without having tried out one of London’s most famous afternoon teas.

The 'Before' Picture

And so, four cucumber sandwiches, three cakes, two scones, and one giant pot of delicious Earl Grey later, I was no longer a Wolseley virgin. As expected, the tea was delicious –  I especially recommend the vanilla cheesecake and lemon macaroons – but it is the beautiful Art Deco surrounds that really make tea at the Wolseley so special. Everything down to the tea pots, the spoons for clotted cream and jam, and even the signs on the loos are in keeping with the 1920s grandeur of the place.


Art Deco Spoons


2 responses to “Afternoon Tea at The Wolseley

  1. yum indeed 🙂

  2. agreed! what an afternoon tea 🙂
    thank you

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