Stockholm in Summer

Just spent a wonderful few days in Stockholm, possibly my new favourite city.  The place encompasses pretty much all of my favourite things. It’s calm and quaint, surrounded by soothing water. It is packed full of amazing design shops, and it is completely walkable/cyclable. The only problem is how expensive everything is…didn’t stop me window shopping though.

A few favourites:

1. Svenskt Tenn

The famous design store, filled with the stunning textiles of Josef Franck . Arguably one of Sweden’s most respected designers, Franck was renowned for his brightly coloured, botanically inspired prints and his intelligent musings on interior design.

I particularly like his point of view on living rooms:  “The living room, where one can live and think freely, is neither beautifully harmonious nor homogenous. It has come about through coincidence, will never be complete and can within itself absorb whatever the residents’ varying needs may require.”

Svenskt Tenn Stockholm

2. Whyred

I don’t know how I hadn’t come across this beautiful fashion line before but it’s firmly on my radar now. Clean lines and quirky but subtle prints, Whyred is modernist without being stark. I managed to bag myself a gorgeous blouse in the sale that looks a little like this lovely scarf.


3. Bread

Rye bread isn’t usually a food people get excited about, but in Sweden it tastes different. It’s got this delicious nutty yet sweet flavour that is nothing like the dry, slightly sour stuff you get over here. I gobbled down vast quantities of it for breakfast, along with yummy Swedish jams and honey.

Swedish rye bread


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