All I want for Autumn

Autumn is nearly upon us and I’m ready to get out of my flimsy summer clothes and into some cosy layers. I haven’t been hugely inspired by what’s on offer in the shops for Autumn; my main problem being the ubiquitous presence of Camel which, lovely as it is in theory, makes me look jaundice. I saw a lovely Camel coloured cape yesterday but as soon as I held it up to my face, I saw my shopping companion give me a sympathetic, pitying sort of a look. So back it went on the rack.

Camel aside, there are three things I’m on the hunt for this Autumn.

1. The perfect cosy cardigan

Inspired by this beautiful one from Stella Mcartney and also all the Arran-style jumpers I’ve seen around. Yet to find one on the high street that doesn’t feel acrylic-y and nasty.

Stella's cardigan a/w 2010

Stella's cardigan a/w 2010

2. A pair of lovely, low-heeled shoe boots

I have my eye on these ones from Kurt Geiger. They look like they’d go with anything and are a nod to minimalist chic trend.

Kurt Geiger shoe boots

3. Some sort of swishy A-line skirt

Possibly even a leather one if I’m feeling adventurous/rich. Or a tweed one if I can find a way to wear it without looking like a school mistress.  The Louis Vuitton version below is obviously the pinnacle for inspiration on the swishy skirt front.

Louis Vuitton a/w 2010 collection

Just realised that there is a total lack of colour in this post! Sorry. It’s an Autumn thing.


5 responses to “All I want for Autumn

  1. Hi Laura – M&S have brilliant leather swishy skirts (they brought out a great nude pencil leather skirt last year). Have been trying to buy a leather mini myself for a while! x

  2. I can knit you a nice cosy jumper – and can do Aran too 🙂 What colour would you like?

  3. thanks for the comments! I’m going to hunt for that M&S skirt Helena. Mum – please get knitting 🙂

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  5. Them shooties are cute!

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