One for the boys

Responding to numerous requests from my male friends, here’s a post for the boys. As regular readers will know, it’s hardly a chore for me pick out desirable menswear items. It’s a well-known fact that much of the time I actually prefer boys’ clothes to girls’ clothes and am envious of the fact that men are less pressured to change their wardrobes every season for fear of looking completely out of date.

So to follow the formula of my ‘All I want for Autumn’ post for girls. Here’s all I would, in theory, want for autumn if I wear a gentleman.

1. A cosy jumper

I guarantee this one from Albam will make you much more popular with the girlfriend – it’s the perfect borrowed-from-my-boyfriend jumper. And I especially love the leather elbow patches (not seen here).

Albam jumper

2.  A perfect blazer

I love this one from Tautz . I am liking the double-breasted look at the minute (for girls too) and this one crosses the smart/casual divide pretty well. A good investment piece.

Tautz blazer

3.  A jaunty scarf

Not to be biased towards Tautz again but this super-bright scarf is great for making a winter statement and will brighten up any classic coat or blazer if you dare. Nice grey wool trousers too by the way.

Tautz scarf


4 responses to “One for the boys

  1. I prefer boys’ clothes too! But usually just end up looking 12-yr-old boy rather than stylish gamine. Beautiful blog, Laura – get a real sense of you. Especially liked the Stockholm post. ❤ Scandinavian design. Hope all is well, x

  2. Thanks Patrin! There’s nothing wrong with looking like a 12 year old boy if you ask me! Lovely to hear from you xxx

  3. Fantastic post! One of these items will be the start of my new, ‘capsule wardrobe’.

  4. hide this from Andrew!! or he will want to spend more.

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