Autumn foraging

I was back in the home counties last weekend, enjoying the beautiful countryside and doing civilised things like afternoon tea with my mum.

Stopped off for a refreshing tea stop at the new Tea Terrace at House of Fraser and came across these lovely tea pots. They’re actually coated in fabric but with a special glaze that makes them waterproof and fully functioning for your tea needs. I know it’s a little twee but I was having a bit of a craftsy, homely sort of weekend.

Fabric-coated tea pot

I’m feeling quite Autumnal now. Spotted my first conkers and toadstools out on a walk today. They look so fairytale like!


Chinthurst Hill toadstools


Speaking of Autumnal fare, I absolutely love Jigsaw’s A/W collection. It’s all rusty, rich colours and cosy knits. In fact, I like it so much I had to treat myself to this gorgeous dress. Oops.


Jigsaw dress



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