Elle Tea in Hong Kong

I was in my element on a recent trip to Hong Kong. Drinking delicious, high quality tea is a way of life out there and it is enjoyed in the same way we savour our wines over here.

A highlight was a visit to the beautiful Lock Cha Tea House in Hong Kong Park. Entering this place is like going back to a more serene and slow-paced era where everything is done properly, and delight is taken in the ritual of making tea.

All the tea for the Lock Cha Tea House is sourced from small, environmentally friendly tea farms and they go to great lengths to find unusual varieties of tea. I sampled a lovely, subtle yellow tea called the Mengding yellow bud. For non-tea obsessives, yellow tea is a type of green tea with a special, prolonged drying process. It has a deeper taste and a distinct fragrance. It is quite rare to find yellow tea these days so I was excited to be able to sample it!

The huge variety of teas at Lock Cha tea house

In addition to the impressive range of teas, the tea house was full of exquisite tea ware and beautiful, traditional style wood carvings.

Lock Cha Tea House, Hong Kong

It’s not actually tea, but I also had to share with you this other tea-related joy. I was eating at a Japanese restaurant in HK and my soup arrived in a lovely little tea pot! The idea is that you pour the soup into the cup and sip it like tea. Then afterwards, you pick out all the delicious bits from the soup and eat them with chopsticks.

Japanese teapot soup


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