New style crush & Lanvin for H&M!

I went to see Marina & The Diamonds in concert recently and not only was she an amazing performer, but she is also an upcoming style queen. Fittingly, she is also featuring on Vogue’s ‘Today I’m wearing’ this month – only the most stylish of stylish are invited to document their daily outfits on this page – and showcasing some amazing clothes. Not many people could pull off her bold style (and neon lipstick) but she does it with aplomb.

Marina & the Diamonds (image from

On another note, I am slightly over-excited that this Tuesday is the launch of Lanvin for H&M!!! I don’t know how I’m going to get my hands on a piece from the collection but I’ve got two days to think of a plan…

I really like the ad they’ve created to drum up excitement about the collection. It strikes just the right note between high fashion, dark humour, quirkiness and sheer glamour. I also love the way it features Alber Elbaz as a semi-tortured genuis.

I’ve been studying the collection with the due care it deserves and working out which piece I like the most. It’s very hard to choose but two favourites so far are the pink ruffly dress and the dark aubergine one-shouldered cocktail dress.

Lanvin for H&M (via

Lanvin for H&M (via

Elbows at the ready!


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