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When I was younger, every year the girls in my ballet school would wait with anticipation to be told which dance they would be performing in the annual summer show. It wasn’t just a reflection of your ability as a dancer that mattered, it was also the excitement (or disappointment) that followed when you found out what costume your particular role required.

The year I learnt I was going to be dancing in the Nutcracker was the best ever because it involves wearing the most frivolous, girliest tutus of all. This was especially good news for me as the previous year, I’d been landed with dancing in my pyjamas whilst cuddling a teddy bear. Sweet for the parents watching but not a good look.

Here’s me in all my glory (including rather shockingly applied stage make-up).

A young Elle Tea

Ballet dancers have always been very aware of the powerful combination of beautiful costumes and lithe bodies. And so it’s no surprise that throughout history this art form has been closely linked to fashion.

This is certainly the case this season, partly due to the release of Black Swan, the ballet film starring Natalie Portman.

Much has been written about the amazing costumes designed for Black Swan by the ever-creative Rodarte sisters. The black swan costume has received the most amount of praise and press coverage for its sheer drama, but I also really like the more pared down, pale coloured costumes Portman wears whilst rehearsing and playing the white swan.

Rehearsing in Black Swan (image from

Performing in Black Swan (image from

These images remind me of the beautiful Chloe ss/11 collection that featured ballet-esque clothing of a more wearable variety. I can’t wait for summer when floating around in such light, delicate fabrics will be possible.

Topshop (of course) is already selling ballet-inspired sheer skirts here for those of you who want to snap up the trend right away.

Chloe ss/11 (image from


2 responses to “Ballet & Fashion

  1. Those were the days of good toes / naughty toes!
    I love the Chloe outfit.

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