Fairtrade fashion from Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley isn’t exactly one of my regular haunts but whenever my mum drags me in there to look at something homeware related, I usually do find myself sifting through their clothes rails and admiring a few pieces. Being a fickle twenty something, the mumsy image means I usually stop there and don’t actually end up buying anything.

This may change come March when Laura Ashley is launching its range for People Tree (the fairtrade fashion label Elle Tea has been a long-time fan of). Not only is the collection ethical, but it is also very pretty and vintage-looking. The pieces use Laura Ashley prints from their 1970s archive which have been given a new lease of life with modern colours.  ’70s style is due to make a major comeback this Spring/Summer so Laura Ashley could be onto a winner in more ways than one.

My favourite piece is this cute little jumpsuit. Expect environmentally conscious fashionistas to be bouncing around in the 100% organic cotton at a park near you soon.

Laura Ashley for People Tree (image from telegraph.co.uk)


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  1. -that was the link I sent you wasn’t it?

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