We Are Handsome

It may be dreary and wintery outside but a girl can at least dream of sunnier climes and summer holidays.

For those lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere sunny sometime soon, may I introduce you to We Are Handsome, a swimwear brand that is currently experiencing the surge of publicity that follows when a superstar like Rihanna is photographed wearing your label.

For us mere mortals, shopping for swimwear is never one of life’s most rewarding experiences. In fact, it more often than not ends empty-handed and with a resolution to do more exercise.

Although I can’t guarantee you’ll look like Rihanna in their swimsuits, I can guarantee that you can’t help but be cheered up by We Are Handsome’s colourful designs. My friend Debz – who currently works at We Are Handsome in sunny Sydney – kindly gave me the scoop on the label and some gorgeous pictures of their latest collection.

The Sirin suit from We Are Handsome

Based in Australia and launched in 2009, We Are Handsome set out to create bold,  individual pieces splashed with eye-catching graphic prints.

This season’s collection, entitled ‘The Aviary’, is inspired by mythical birds. Each piece represents a different bird and its unique pattern of feathers and colours. Every suit is placement printed (no repeat patterns) to ensure it is individual, and celebrity worthy.

The Minokawa from We Are Handsome

For those who want to splurge on one of their suits (they don’t come cheap), We Are Handsome is stocked in a number of places including Net-a-Porter and Selfridges.


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