Inspired by Nature

I’m back at my parents’ house in the country this weekend, attempting to be green-fingered while my dad (aka Head Gardener) continues to need to rest up from his food injury.

My gardening skills are novice at best, but I am enjoying being outside and seeing new green shoots spring up everywhere.

Of course, even when outside in my practical gardening gear, thoughts are never too far away from fashion! In fact, I was thinking today how quite a few things lovely I’ve seen lately seem to be inspired by nature.

Firstly, the beautiful, vibrant green dresses from Roland Mouret’s recent Paris Fashion Week show. The colour looks just like the fresh Spring shoots I’ve been spotting in the garden today. And there is such a lovely fluidity in the cut.

Roland Mouret (image from Getty)

Secondly, the Jil Sander collection from Milan which takes inspiration from bolder elements in nature. I love the contrast of the rusty orange and red with the dark blue. This dress manages to do florals without being overly girly. Non-flimsy florals if you will.

Jil Sander (image from

Lastly, the jewellery designer Alex Monroe, whose bee necklace I was given for Christmas and cannot stop wearing at the minute. Monroe’s biggest inspiration is nature, and in particular, the English countryside.

“British jewellery designer Alex Monroe grew up in Suffolk surrounded by fields, rivers and the plants and creatures which inhabit them. He trained at Sir John Cass School Of Art in London, and uses nature to inspire his whimsical, intricately beautiful jewellery.”

His recent collection is photographed against a lovely natural background of moss and tree trunks. The very endearing ‘flying bee’ necklace below is a new take on the classic bee necklace.

Alex Monroe Flying Bee necklace

These ladybird earrings are very seasonal indeed. I was relieved to find out I’m not the only Londoner experiencing an infestation of these little creatures at the minute. Annoying as it is having them buzz around my living room, I don’t have the heart to get rid of them. According to Head Gardener, they are essential for keeping away other more menacing pests.

Alex Monroe Ladybird earrings


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