Parisian ambles

I managed a quick hop over to Paris last weekend, conveniently combining a leisurely Sunday stroll in Le Marais area avec my friend Tiff, with a work meeting.

As seems to be the case every time I go to Paris, it was a gorgeous day filled with gorgeous people ambling through pretty streets and sipping coffee in outdoor cafes. I didn’t get the chance to do much shopping as the French don’t really bother to open their stores on Sundays – which is actually quite lovely – but there were plenty of window shopping opportunities and lots of nibbling on treats and delicious tea.

A day in Paris isn’t really complete without a trip to Laduree. Look how pretty the window was…I know their macaroons are increasingly ubiquitous in London now but I’m convinced they taste better in Paris!

Laduree window, Paris

Another one of my favourite things about Paris are the variety of tea shops, all with beautiful packaging and shop interiors. I was introduced to Kusmi tea by my brother and his girlfriend, who bought me some of the Russian blends for Christmas. I love the Russian-inspired brightly coloured tins.

Kusmi tea

Although some of the teas aren’t really to my taste – the Russian blends are a bit flowery and over-powering for me – the shop itself is an absolute delight to browse around, even for non-tea lovers.

Kusmi tea shop

Another one of my favourite browsing places is Sandro. It is stocked in a few places here now like House of Fraser but the store in Le Marais area is real treat. I especially loved this summery shirt but my friend Tiff persuaded me that I did not need something resembling a small boy’s pyjamas. So that saved me 100Euros and potentially confused stares.





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