Natural Textures & Colours

Apologies for the lack of posting lately – I’ve been away enjoying the natural wonder that is the Lake District. I’m back feeling inspired by the beautiful scenery and very much ready to embrace Spring.

As regular readers will know, my family go to the Lakes every year. This trip, I found myself taking pleasure in the small details which sometimes go unnoticed against the backdrop of awe inspiring mountains and shimmering lakes.

But to the observant eye, there is a delicate beauty in the small signs that represent a thriving, natural ecosystem: bright green lichens growing on sturdy boulders, bouncy moss clinging to the side of banks and small shoots hanging from the trees, all about to burst into life.

Lake District - beauty in the small details

It seems it’s not just me who notices these micro-features of the natural world. Some of my favourites designers –  Rodarte and Osman – have recently shown collections that are inspired by the beauty of natural textures and colours.

The photo I took of grasses whilst out on a very blustery walk looks like it could have come straight from a Rodarte designed print.

Lake District grasses

Rodarte corn field dress (image from

Rodarte close up (image from

Similarly,  the Osman ensemble below – with bright colours set against earthy tones and natural fabrics –  reminds me of the amazing contrasts in texture and colour you find in nature. Bright green lichens growing on dry tree bark is just one example.

Natural contrasts in colour & texture

Osman (image from

Since not everything in life must relate back to fashion (!), I also want to share with you this pretty picture of the Langdale Valley. For anyone who has not been to the Lake District themselves,  soak in this image and book yourself a trip!

Langdale valley, Lake District April 2011


One response to “Natural Textures & Colours

  1. Wonderful! I really like the muted tones.

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