Terrific Trousers

My penchant for patterned trousers has been attracting quite a bit of attention lately. To my disappointment, more often than not, it has been attention of the confused rather than complimentary kind.

Comments ranging from  “are you wearing that in an ironic way?” and “are those your pyjamas?”, to “you look like MC Hammer” (low point at work), have left me a little puzzled.

For, as far as I see it, patterned trousers are a great idea! And a not-too-fashiony one at that. In theory, deciding to use your trousers as your statement piece is no different  to wearing a patterned top to spice up a pair of plain trousers. Once you get used to a slightly dizzy feeling when you look down at your graphically endowed legs (or focus on looking straight ahead instead) they make a very easy summer outfit. Just throw on a plain coloured t-shirt, tuck it in, and you’re away.

Furthermore, patterned trousers don’t need to be attention-seeking or garish. Club Monaco do a beautifully subtle pair that looks gorgeous combined with neutral colours.

Club Monaco Printed Trousers

Similarly, Whistles have just released a lovely pair of polka dot trousers – a classic print – that if you’re feeling adventurous, wear with a jacket to form a rather modern and jaunty trouser suit. I love the combination of the androgynous hair and cut of the jacket with such a feminine print.

Whistles Polka Dot Trouser Suit

Finally, arguably the most fun  and carefree way to wear a printed trouser is as part of a jumpsuit. Here is Elle Tea in a jumpsuit from Topshop, although in this pic it is overshadowed by beautiful blossom. I can’t stop wearing it right now – it is so comfy, pretty and perfect for the transition from Spring to Summer.

Elle Tea in Jumpsuit by Topshop


2 responses to “Terrific Trousers

  1. You inspire me Tanny. I bought a jumpsuit but took it back for fear I wouldn’t wear it. Must go out and buy another one for h-moon. Love the post x

  2. Yes you must. You would look super-cute in one! Ooh h-moon capsule wardrobe – fun!

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