Tea from India

For a tea-lover, nothing makes a better little gift than some fresh tea sent direct from the source.  So it was very exciting when a little cloth-wrapped package of tea arrived at work, all the way from the intriguingly named ‘Delight Homestay’ in Kerala, India.

Digit's tea gift from India

It was a gift to Digit from our currently nomadic Associate Creative Director, Adam, who has embarked on an exciting round-the-world trip with his wife. It was a very Adam style move to send this characterful bundle rather than your average “wish you were here” postcard.

Inside the bundle was a pot of the freshest hand-picked ‘silvery tips’ tea from the highest tea plantation in India. So fresh, that you only need a few measly-looking leaves to make a whole cup. It doesn’t look the most impressive of drinks – in fact, a rather judgemental client took one look at my cup and declined to try it, opting for mass-produced Nespresso instead – but it tastes delicious and refreshing.

Thanks Adam! More tea from your next tea-producing destination please!

Here’s a picture I stole from Adam’s blog that shows the beautiful tea plantations.

India tea plantation (image from http://adlenka.co.uk/)





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