If I buy one thing this autumn…

I’ve just downsized into a smaller room and as a result, my wardrobe is bursting at the seams and I really should not be thinking about pushing it any further.

So, if there’s one thing I buy this autumn, it has to be something completely justified and totally versatile. Right now, I’m thinking it has to be a midi –  they were my favourite feature of the A/W 11 shows and are now starting to appear in store.

Clements Ribeiro patterned midi (image from vogue.co.uk)

A few things to consider before I take the plunge…

Do I go for a midi skirt (more versatile but could require another new item to go with it which does not work with my space issue) or a midi dress ? Patterned or Plain? Voluminous or structured? Splash out as it’s my one autumn treat, or scrimp as it’s possibly a one season wonder? And am I prepared to wear heels more often as the midi could quickly descend into frump territory with flats?

Hmm, this restrictive one-piece-only regime does make decision-making a little difficult!

I’ll keep you posted on the outcome but for now, enjoy looking at a few of my favourite designer midis from Jonathan Saunders and Clements Ribeiro.

Jonathan Saunders' structured midi (image from gorunway)

Clements Ribeiro bubble midi (image from vogue.co.uk)



2 responses to “If I buy one thing this autumn…

  1. Diana von F has a lovely red midi skirt.

  2. Whatever you get, It’s all about the vertiginous heels to go with it! x

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