Elle Tea does bright colours

I’m just back from a trip to NYC  (pre-hurricane thankfully) where, in between work meetings, I managed to make a pit stop at my favourite all-American store- J.Crew.

I intended to pop in to stock up on the basics they do so well – white t-shirts, skinny cropped trousers, super-soft cardis – but I got distracted by the riot of colour and went off brief.

I’m not usually one for wearing bright colours. My clothes tend to come in tones with harmless sounding names such as blush, ivory and, on braver days, soft coral. But in J.Crew, I found myself purchasing two items – the pencil skirt shown below and a lovely jumper – in a colour described as ‘vibrant flame’. Despite my initial terror at such a bold and brash sounding name, I’m enjoying the foray into a world of real colour.

J Crew Pencil Skirt

So far, the move has been well-received as a welcome change from my neutral tones, although my mother (Elle Tea’s sometime style advisor) is yet to be convinced. She knows my natural homeland is a gentler palette but for now, I’m enjoying the little fling with bright colour.

She will be pleased to hear I’m not intending to take the step of wearing head-to-toe ‘vibrant flame’. Although it does look fantastic in the picture below.

J Crew all-red ensemble

Note that J.Crew has literally just opened an online UK store  so the opportunities to indulge in preppy bright colours are endless!


One response to “Elle Tea does bright colours

  1. Sometimes going off brief is just too gorgeous to be resisted. Have you thought of red lips. It’s a big fall trend. I’m thinking 50’s Shanghai tea dress type red lips- more coral really, moisturised. Bobbie Brown does a good one.

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