Fashion Week Favourites

It always feels a little odd to be thinking about spring and summer clothes when autumn is just setting in.  So it was a nice surprise to see a distinctly wintery feel in a number of the Spring/Summer 2012 shows. Many shows featured jewel colours, rich slinky silks, and dark lace that provide inspiration for autumn days.

Here are a few favourites:

1. Haider Ackerman

A less well-known name but after this show, he can’t be a fashion secret much longer. I loved the combinations of jewel-toned feminine silks with masculine styling and structure.

Haider Ackerman Spring/Summer 12 (image from

Haider Ackerman Spring/Summer 12 (image from

2. Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton continues to amaze. I don’t think anyone else handles lace in the way that she does, constantly finding new ways to use it – whether it’s a royal wedding dress or a stunningly gothic evening gown.

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 12 (image from

3. Burberry

Christopher Bailey obviously understands that summer in this country still requires jumpers, scarves and perhaps even a bobble hat. The Burberry show was one that very much felt like it could work just as well right now, rustling through the Autumn leaves, as it would on a Spring day next year.

Burberry Spring/Summer 12 (image from

4. Temperley

You couldn’t really ignore the Temperley show this year, and not just because of the huge press interest resulting from a certain Middleton sister making an appearance.

The clothes were truly stunning, and the styling was elegant and super glamorous.

Temperley London Spring/Summer 12 (image from

5. Celine

The Celine show doesn’t really fit with my wintery theme but I couldn’t possibly leave it out as once again, Phoebe Philo proved she is a master of subtle yet completely desirable clothing.  The lack of colour only serves to heighten the skilful and creative tailoring.

Celine Spring/Summer 12 (image from




3 responses to “Fashion Week Favourites

  1. -great choices Laura!

  2. Fabulous choices, absolutely fabulous!!! You’ve completely hit the nail on the head as regards Haider Ackerman – the most exquisite examples of feminine elegance with the soft, sumptuous fabrics & rich jewel tones, but with a masculine twist in the structure & tailoring! Adore that collection! 🙂

    And of course, Phoebe Philo is a true artist – she has the perfect idea of how to dress the female figure! Burberry have long been a favourite of mine too, so I love to see other people like yourself who rate them!

    A fantastic article on a truly wonderful blog!! Stay stylish 🙂

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

  3. Thanks for the nice comments! Glad I’ve found another Haider Ackerman fan

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