A Christmas list in disguise

Since just about every newspaper supplement is running a Christmas gift list this weekend, you hardly need another one. But everyone keeps asking me for Christmas ideas and so it would be mean spirited of me not to respond. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to trawl through some lovely things and get some inspiration for my own Christmas presents. Nearest and dearest look away now!

So although this is officially not an Elle Tea Christmas gift lift, it does happen to be a selection of things that I’m sure would make anyone special in your life very happy. Enjoy.

Nice things for boys

1. A pocket square

These geometric Turnbull & Asser ones make a rather traditional accessory feel modern.

Turbull & Asser pocket square

2. Driving gloves

So they can channel Ryan Gosling. Never a bad thing.  Dents deerskin leather ones are a classic choice.

Leather driving gloves

3.  A Herschels backpack

Beautifully crafted whilst being practical, Herschels range of backpacks have just the right balance between style and outdoor ruggedness to make them very man friendly. My extremely fussy brother even has one and is rarely seen without it.

Herschels backpack

Nice things for girls

1.  A beautiful, silk robe

You can’t really go wrong with a pretty printed silk robe. This antique bird printed one from Beautiful Bottoms  (lots of gorgeous stuff here by the way) is subtle and lovely.

Silk Robe (from beautifulbottoms.co.uk)

2. Jewellery from Made

Not only is all the jewellery from Made fair trade but it is also very stylish and very fairly priced. Recent designer collaborations with the likes of Laura Bailey and Alexa Chung have upped their fashion credentials. A perfect gift for ethically minded fashionistas. I like these Matawi earrings.

Made earrings

3. A Liberty scarf

If the boys get pocket squares, then the girls are entitled to an equally desirable patch of silky loveliness. You can’t go wrong with a Liberty scarf and this Carnation berry print has all the promise of spring. It would brighten up any wintery ensemble.

Liberty silk scarf



One response to “A Christmas list in disguise

  1. truly desirable choices — have you thought of being a personal shopper in another life?

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