Style crush of the month

It’s Christmas, I’m a bit tired and I’m definitely not having any more intelligent thoughts until the New Year. So, here’s a non-thinking but visually lovely post. It’s a bit of an ode to Michelle Williams who both myself and my colleague Nomfundo have a massive style crush on. In fact, I would say we managed to talk about it for approximately an hour last night at the office Christmas party, interspersed with a debate on the world economy (we’re not just shallow you know).

She’s manages to pull of a boyish yet still girlish charm (if that makes any sense). I’d say The Crush began circa 2006 when she rocked an amazing yellow Vera Wang at the Oscars. A few fave looks, covering off duty daywear to some red carpet glamour.

1. Off duty – boyish parka, cute girly skirt. nice boots. I wish I looked like this at the weekend.

Michelle Williams off duty (image from popsugar)

2. In a cute Chloe dress. Love the beaded bib.

Michelle Williams in Chloe

3. Simple, graphic stripes that are a refreshingly preppy alternative to the usual red carpet sparkle.

Michelle Williams (image from


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