Call the Midwife, an unlikely style inspiration

Along with a million or so others, I have been utterly charmed by the BBC’s drama, Call the Midwife. In addition to being the ultimate feel-good Sunday evening TV, I’ve managed to find in it a new style inspiration.

The main character – the pretty and saint-like Jenny Lee – manages to look immaculate and serene, even after a dramatic birth. The Jenny Lee look has so many on-trend elements: from the sweet Peter Pan collared dress (in this season’s pastel blue no less), to the navy blue trench, to the brown leather loafers, and even her vintage bicycle, Jenny Lee wouldn’t look out of place cycling around Shoreditch or – if we also factor in the immaculate hair – Islington.

Jenny Lee from Call the Midwife (image from

So if, like me, your new style mantra is “what would Jenny Lee wear?”, here’s a couple of pieces to get you started:

1. I actually own this blouse from Equipment – I bought it pre-Jenny Lee but have a new found love for it. It can still be bought on asos if you feel so inclined. As an owner, I can vouch for how silky soft and enjoyable it is to wear.

Equipment blouse (from

2. I feel like Jenny Lee would definitely invest in proper shoes from a proper shop like Russell and Bromley.

Russell & Bromley loafers

3. Lastly, a dress that says Jenny Lee without being an actual nurse’s uniform, this lovely pale blue number from Cos is just the thing to buy for Spring. The A-line shape would even work as a maternity outfit (flogging the midwife theme here).

A-line dress from Cos


One response to “Call the Midwife, an unlikely style inspiration

  1. Does anyone know what kind of robes/dressing gowns the girls wear? They look like Liberty of London. I can’t find any information about them anywhere and I want one!

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