Five Fashion week Favourites

With nearly every label now sharing their shows online, there has been such a flood of fashion week material, it’s pretty overwhelming, even for the diehard fans

So, to make it easy for you, here are just five things to look at. Consider it your fashion week summary, brought to you by Elle Tea. Obviously, it’s a completely subjective summary, but I hope you’ll agree it’s a very pleasant one, full of things that feel relevant to now (i.e spring time – hurray!), not just A/W 12-13. If I had to identify a thread that unites all five pieces, it’s probably a certain freshness, often inspired by the natural world, be that literally or in a more abstract way.

Anyway, enjoy!

1. Preen

This beautiful, fresh-as-a-daisy collection definitely felt more spring/summer like than autumn/winter but I’m not complaining. The prints manage to feel both classic and completely original all at once. And I love the slightly more angular take on the now ubiquitous Peter Pan Collar – this sharper collar was spotted at a number of other shows, notably Victoria Beckham. It’s going to be a trend…

Preen A/W 12-13 (image from

2. Mary Katrantzou

Speaking of flowery prints, Mary Katrantzou made her name designing vibrant, flower-based prints. This season she moved on a little and the result was a collection of striking, more geometric designs. Also featuring, was a new, more exaggerated take on the peplum skirt. I predict/hope that high street stores like Cos will be inspired by this collection.

Mary Katrantzou A/W 12-13 (image from gorunway)

3. Burberry

I tried to resist mentioning Burberry given their absolute dominance of the fashion press these days but I can’t help it. Their show was just so charming and the clothes so desirable, it would be an injustice to fashion not to mention it. And no one wants to be accused of that. The owl jumpers were a highlight – simply the cutest thing seen at fashion week.

NB – owls are fast becoming a trend in their own right and may soon be worthy of an entire blog post. Watch this space.

Burberry owls A/W 12-13 (image from garancedore)

4. McQ

Again, can’t not mention the McQ show. Dramatic, original, amazing. The picture says it all.

McQ A/W 12-13 (image from

5. Erdem

Last but not least, a constant favourite of mine. Some people accuse Erdem of being a little boring and when compared to the likes of McQueen, he is certainly safer and less outrageous. However, if you’re looking for a show that is a sheer delight to the eyes, Erdem is your man.

Check out those spikey, small collars again! They will be everywhere soon.

Erdem A/W 12-13 (image from gorunway)


2 responses to “Five Fashion week Favourites

  1. Very creative selections! 🙂 I’m surprised at myself how much I’m liking the mix and match in colors, contrasts & patterns this year!

  2. you completed it just in time for Upstairs Downstairs – no 1920’s dresses then for A/W??

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