My new teapot

Let me introduce you to my new teapot…The Norm Glass Kettle Teapot, kindly given to me as a birthday present by my friends Chuck and Giorgia. They obviously know me pretty well to buy such an Elle Tea-esque gift.  Not only is it tea-related but this teapot is described as a blend of Scandanavian and Asian styles; the former being my favourite type of the design and the latter being a place where tea is an art form.

Kettle Teapot

The Kettle Teapot does not just look good. It also functions in a very clever way, with a specially designed ‘tea egg’ for the tea leaves, which you can move up and down depending on how strong you like your tea.

Here I am enjoying pouring a beautiful cup of dragonwell green tea. Chuck – I think you will approve of the colour-matching of the tea and the sofa in the background!

Elle Tea afternoon refreshment time

Thanks C & G!



One response to “My new teapot

  1. Glad you like it Laura!
    Looks great.

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