May inspiration

A few bits of inspiration from May so far…

1. Amazing India

I’m just back from a trip to India to visit my friend Jo – of Under an Indian Sky – and it is hard to capture the experience in words without resorting to cliche. So instead, two pictures:

Of course the first has to be tea-themed. Here’s a scene we were rewarded with  after a long, humid walk through the tea plantations near Munnar in Kerala.

Tea picking near Munnar, Kerala, India

And the second is an amazing sight that strolled past my sun lounger on Cherai beach, again in Kerala. I love this eldery lady’s style and elegant windswept look. Her beautiful colours, prints and draping made me feel quite ridiculous in my bikini.

Sunday morning beach walk, Kerala, India

2. A magical telling of Snow White

Last night I went to see Preljocaj’s Snow White at Sadler’s Wells. It was a magical show, not least due to the stunning costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier. I was lucky enough to be in the third row from the front, so close I could appreciate the intricacies of the outfits. JPG really knows how to tell a story through clothes.

The final wedding outfit was an incredible hooped dress with fringing that moved like a dance of its own on the beautiful Snow White.

Snow White with costumes by Jean-Paul Gaultier (image from

And the dominatrix-style get up of the wicked Queen couldn’t have been more appropriate and theatrical with the blood-stained cape and the cruel corsetry. Wow.

The wicked queen (image from



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