Spanish style

Thanks to my two very generous friends Chuck & Giorgia, I’m just back from a lovely short break in Barcelona. C & G recently bought an apartment there and they kindly invited a group of us to spend the Jubilee weekend with them, eating lots of tapas and pottering around.

My friend Alexis, of OMG I’m getting Married fame, has already written about some of the cultural stuff we go up to. So that leaves me to talk about the shopping!

Barcelona is a super stylish city. Spanish women manage to look chic AND like they’re having a fun time, which makes for excellent people watching.  My favourite fashion find on this trip was the store Uterque. Owned by the people behind Zara, Uterque is yet to arrive in the UK, although it is apparently coming here soon – watch this space. It’s at a similar price point and level of desirability as Cos – another Elle Tea staple – but with less Scandinavian androgyny and more Spanish glamour.

I ended up buying a very cute little jacket which in my head was part Jackie O, part Chanel, but according to my friend Jemima makes me look like a younger Hillary Clinton! No bad thing if you ask me. Hillary is hip these days.

Uterque jacket (from

I also had my eye on some of the lovely leather accessories  – the Spanish are great at leather – but managed to resist. Here’s one of the  many bags I was admiring in store.

Uterque bag (from

Although the one thing I ended up buying was predictably navy and black, I was nearly tempted to be all Spanish and embrace the bright Mediterranean colours in Uterque. They looked fabulous in the shop but somehow I wasn’t not sure it would look quite the same on the grey streets of East London. Judging by this week’s weather, I did the right thing.

Uterque lookbook

My other new find in Barcelona was the cutely named Bimba & Lola.  The jewellery and accessories are adorable and original, and apparently they can be found in Westfield Stratford!


3 responses to “Spanish style

  1. There is a Bimba & Lola in Westfield Stratford! X

  2. Amaze! The blazer was such a good purchase and must schedule a trip to Bimba & Lola immediately! xx

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