London Collections: Menswear favourites

The level of interest in menswear has been growing over the past few years and despite many of the men in my life still protesting no interest in fashion, men’s items now represent 50% of the luxury apparel market worldwide (BFC Future of Fashion Report 2012).

So the decision to launch a menswear only showcase in London is a savvy one. And an exciting one if like me, you appreciate a good menswear collection. There was some pretty out there stuff shown by talented upstarts like Katie Eary – impressive and youthful. But, conservative as it may be, I am always drawn to the more preppy side of menswear and the things that caught my eye were a little bit more low key.

1. YMC – these guys have a store just next to my office and I often pop in for a quick lunchtime admiring glance at the sophisticated, prepster style. Check out  this jaunty Burgundy stripy number and the great cut of the trousers.

YMC s/s 2013 (image from

2. Oliver Spencer – bit of a theme here with the red blazers but I thought this show was spot on. It was the kind of stuff I think men would actually want to wear and the use of colour throughout was perfectly pitched. Not too much to be brash, not too little to be boring.

Oliver Spencer s/s 2013 (image from firstview)

3. Tautz – I have a personal interest in this brand but even if I didn’t, this cape would have caught my eye. It is just FABULOUS – I want to wear this on a breezy bike ride, leaving a bright pink trail as I go.

Tautz s/s 2013 (image from

4. Margaret Howell – another Elle Tea favourite. So subtle, so intelligent, so calming. This grey coat was made for British summers.

Margaret Howell s/s 2013 (image from vogue)


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