The perfect rucksack

I’ve been on the hunt for a stylish yet practical rucksack, that will allow me to carry my gym kit around but also turn up to work meetings without looking like a teenager on a French exchange. It’s proving tricky.

I’ve been close to purchasing at Herschel a number of times – but they are still just a bit too sporty for my needs and are also becoming a little ubiquitous around East London.

Which brings me to this near perfect YMC number. It is everything I wanted my backpack to be – sleek, simple, roomy, feminine and a perfect neutral colour -except for the price. Something in me cannot justify a price tag of £175 for a backpack that isn’t even made of leather. So for now, I continue my search. If any of you see anything similar out there, please do send your recommendations this way!

YMC Rucksack (from



2 responses to “The perfect rucksack

  1. Try Turkey!

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