Token sporty(ish) post

It’s safe to say that no one would ever describe my style as sporty so it’s been a little tricky for me to embrace the so-called ‘sport couture‘ trend that seems to be sweeping the world of fashion.

However, you know what is upon us in less than five days and so I can avoid it no longer. Whilst watching the Victoria Pendleton documentary on BBC (watch it by the way – she is amazing) and listening to her talk about mixing sportiness with girliness, I realised that this trend can span much more than bodycon lycra and weird scratchy mesh material.

After meeting the lovely Hannah from Belle & Bunty, I was reassured to see that even they – a label that is even more feminine and resolutely un-sporty than my own wardrobe – have a sporty looking number in their ‘magnificent seven’ collection. It proves that pretty and sporty can go together.

Belle & Bunty The Bay dress (thank you Hannah from B&B for the image!)

Additionally, a favourite store from my New York days, Rag & Bone, also featured some pieces in their Spring/Summer 2012 collection that use soft, feminine colours and floaty fabrics to present a different take on sporty. So maybe there is a way to embrace this trend after all – I’m going to try it out at my friend’s  Olympics opening ceremony party on Friday. Will report back!

Rag & Bone Spring 2012 collection (image from

As an aside, Rag & Bone are opening their first London store soon! Pity they chose Sloane Square as the destination – they feel more Redchurch St material but they may be enough to draw me west for a fieldtrip.


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