Work Out Life

I’m ashamed to confess that up until now, my yoga outfit (if you can even call it that) consisted of old black leggings and a worn out Gap pyjama vest. In my head this was wholly justified, as waking up on a dark morning to do yoga was effort enough.

My strategy for the morning commute to yoga class was to throw my trench coat over the top of this mismatched get up and hope not to be seen by anyone I knew. This strategy has served me well as there are not many critical hipster eyes on the East London line before 7am.

Still, I was beginning to regret my lazy approach since other girls at yoga seem to be able to get up early AND throw on a pair of snazzy printed leggings and somehow make their messy bun look artfully stylish rather simply unbrushed and unwashed (like mine).

Thank goodness then, that earlier this week I was invited to a yoga class run by the new label Work Out Life. And in return for getting up early and attending the class, the lovely ladies at Work Out Life have kitted me out with a gorgeous yoga kit. With matching pieces and everything.

Hurray! My road to early morning style recovery has now begun.

Work Out Life is all about fusing performance wear with fashion and mixing work out pieces with more casual fashion pieces, so you can move seamlessly from one activity to another and still look presentable.

Sounds ideal to me! Perhaps a little too ideal as I don’t quite have the lifestyle that involves gliding from yoga to coffee and back to yoga again. But still, beyond the PR speak, the pieces are really lovely.

Work Out Life ‘Perky’ top and printed trousers

The ‘super chic long sleeve top’ and ‘super fly’ leggings I was given not only look great and have some really nice detail on them, but they were super comfy to do yoga in. In particular, the top was long enough not to ride up when being all bendy and upside down and stuff. You can tell the pieces have been designed by someone who actually does yoga and knows an exposed stomach isn’t something most girls want to have to grapple with first thing in the morning.

Work Out Life ‘Activate Life’ racer back top & ‘No 1 Ass Pant’

It won’t be a surprise that these pieces don’t come cheap, but they are comparable in price to labels like Sweaty Betty and in my opinion, much more unique and better quality. I’ll have to see how they wash but so far so good. Also, 40% of the range is made using organic cotton and the production methods are all socially and environmentally responsible where possible. So big tick there.

I’ll be keeping an eye of this label and seeing how it develops. And in the meantime, I’ll be enjoying the fact I don’t need to look quite so shame faced if someone sees me on route to morning yoga.


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