Anti-gangnam style

Right now, South Korea is experiencing a wave of attention, thanks an eccentric popstar by the name of PSY and a dance move that is fast-becoming an international symbol of peace. Or so it would seem, judging by the number of celebrities and world leaders caught doing the ‘invisible horse’ on camera.

This super cheesy, brightly coloured K-pop extravaganza has been viewed 800 milllion times and counting. Meaning that suddenly, ‘gangnam style’- the overly showy style of a certain Korean elite – is now recognised the world over.

However, there is another, side to South Korean style that is quietly gathering international recognition. It’s what you might call ‘anti-gangnam’ style since it is largely minimalist, understated and focussed on finding beauty in the detail.

Here’s two shining examples of this subtle style movement…

Just this week, I was introduced to the Korean label, Low Classic, by my ever-ahead-of-the-curve friend Nomfundo. It’s basically her style and my style summed up in one collection. Very minimalist, a little bit tomboyish, body skimming (never body clinging please), not too much colour.

My two favourite looks from the collection would do just the job for a weekend outfit and a work outfit. How neat and tidy. Very Asian in fact.

Low Classic’s perfect work outfit (different shoes)

Low Classic’s weekend look (maybe the shoes this time)

Annoyingly, you can’t currently buy Low Classic in the UK but it’s been getting enough press of late that hopefully it won’t be long. I really do need an alternative to Cos sometime soon. Can you hear me out there fashion buyers??

Slightly more grown up but still on this minimalist theme is the label, Leyii. Designed by Central St.Martins grad, Sunghee Lee, Leyii is all about creating beautiful silhouettes with minimal fuss. For a better explanation of the label, hear from the lady herself in this interview with

Leyii (image from



2 responses to “Anti-gangnam style

  1. LOVE these! Don’t think I can quite pull off those sunglasses but they are mega cool

  2. Seoul elegant !

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