Menswear for all, London Collections trends

Last week’s London menswear collections had plenty to offer in terms of inspiration and not just for the boys. With many collections – from JW Anderson’s ruffly shorts to Katie Eary’s flower print jackets – blurring the boundaries between menswear and womenswear, it wasn’t difficult to spot some  themes with universal appeal.

1. Statement outerwear

Whether you’re more partial to an out-sized check or a bold flower print, the message across multiple collections was clear:  it is time to let your coat do the talking. It does make sense when you come to think of it, given that a coat is the first thing people see when they meet you and in these winter months, you probably wear it more often than any other item.

I’m not denying a patterned coat is a style leap. My current coat is so minimal and plain, it doesn’t even have visible buttons. And it also throws the whole scarf thing into disarray, as a statement scarf with a statement coat is probably a step too far. Even if you decide not to embrace the trend, you can still admire these outerwear beauties from afar.

E Tautz coat A/W 13-14 (image from

E Tautz coat A/W 13-14 (image from


Katie Eary flower prints A/W 13-14

Katie Eary flower prints A/W 13-14 (image from


2. Loungewear as outerwear

Blurring the boundary between ‘private’ and ‘public’ clothes isn’t a new trend. Pyjama style blouses and trousers were all over the high street this winter and more disturbingly, the Onesie isn’t yet showing signs of dying out.

However, we’re talking another level when it comes to the loungewear on show last week. The Richard James shearling dressing gown/coat is  almost ridiculous in its extravagance but it is a beautiful thing and begs to be cuddled.  Any man wearing it instantly becomes more desirable or at least in danger of being accosted by girls wanting to snuggle up into it. Either way, both parties win.

Richard James shearling coat A/W 13-14

Richard James shearling coat A/W 13-14 (image from

A less Polar Bear-esque but equally luxurious version of this trend was seen at Alexander McQueen where the look was more of the “I’ve just nonchantly thrown this perfectly cut jacket over my exquisite silk dressing gown and I know I’m fabulous” vein.  A perfect balance of eccentricity and style.

Alexander McQueen LCM A/W 13-14 (image from

3. Green

Not much to say other than green was everywhere, in all sort of shades, so you won’t be able to avoid it come next winter. It all looked lovely though, particularly at Rake and Richard James. On a side note, Rake wins the prize for the most handsome line up of models (see below for exhibit one). I admit this may have slightly influenced how much I liked the collection.

Rake A/W 13-14 (image from

Rake A/W 13-14 (image from

Richard James A/W 13-14 (image from

Richard James A/W 13-14 (image from





2 responses to “Menswear for all, London Collections trends

  1. OMG YES STATEMENT OUTERWEAR. Katie Eary for the win.

  2. @omgimmarried I knew you would like that flower power coat!

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